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Health by Lana
Lana Reconnect
Health by Lana
Welcome to  Lana Reconnect
"If you are lucky,
your healing will come in the form you anticipate.
If you're
really lucky,
your healing will come in the form you've not even dreamed of --
which the Universe specifically had in mind for you"
Dr Eric Pearl "Heal Others, Heal Yourself"
Reconnective Healing

650 SEK/session
One session is most probably enough

Reconnective Healing® is a new different highly effective modality. It is not only the healing energy but light and information that permit us to return to balance at the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. The healing may be achieved quickly; you need not go on a permanent basis. 1-3 sessions is enough. You may be healed instantly. In other cases some time might elapse before the healing takes place. It can also happen that the healing results you expected will not show up this time. Each session of Reconnective Healing is unique but something special may take place at the third session. If after the third session you still have not achieved the desirable result, Reconnective Healing is probably not the most appropriate way for you to achieve what you're looking for at this time of your life. If you wish, come back in three - six months and try it again.
Distance Reconnective Healing

650 SEK/session

Distance Reconnective Healing is equally effective and gives the same good results as Reconnective Healing in-person.
The Reconnection

333 EUR
Once in a life time
The Reconnection
® consists of two sessions with
min 24 and max 72 hours in-between.

The price is the same in whole Europe. You may pay in Swedish Crowns, the sum of which should correspond to 333 EUR on of the day of the first session. 

I would explain the Reconnection as a sophisticated procedure as a result of which the so called axiotonal lines of the body that go along the acupuncture meridians and stretch beyond the body are being connected to the energy fields (grid) of the whole universe. The Reconnection brings forward a powerful process that speeds up your personal development and evolution in every sphere of your life. You will be able to clearly identify the purpose of your life. You will easier notice  and take the coming up opportunities that will help you to expand and  fulfill your potential and thus to create the life that is fully aligned with your heart's desires.

The Reconnection may be conducted only during in-person sessions.
No distant sessions are offered for the Reconnection.
Watch and listen how children experience and learn Reconnective Healing at the Reconnective Healing Class with Dr Eric Pearl
Extensive information about Reconnective Healing and Dr Eric Pearl is presented on
the Reconnection Official Site - click here
The Reconnection® is supported by scientific research of some leading scientists in the fields of physics and medicine, here's a few references:

William Tiller, PhD Professor Emeritus of Stanford University's Department of Material Science, Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, tillerfoundation.com

Under Whitepapers you can download 
"An Experimental Investigation of some Reconnective Healing workshops via a Unique Subtle Energy Detector"

Gary Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Surgery, Medicine, Neurology of the University of Arizona, drgaryschwartz.com

Konstantin Korotkov, PhD Deputy Director of St:Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture, korotkov.org

Edited by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov"Science Confirms Reconnective Healing" (2012). The book presents statistically significant results of the experiments and clinical trials on the effects of Reconnective Healing conducted during a three-year period.
Sheng Zhen Meditations of Unconditional Love
Private Lessons
Different moving and non-moving forms, gentle and stimulating movements that help to relax, cleanse and replenish energy

"Sheng Zhen Gong Awakening the Soul" and "Gathering Qi"
"Sheng Zhen Healing Gong" ( Stage I and Stage II)
"Sheng Zhen Heaven Nature Gong" and "Heart Spirit As One"
"Sheng Zhen Union of Three Hearts Meditation" 
"Heart Mind as One"
"Return to Spring and Heaven Earth Gong"
"Sheng Zhen Releasing the Heart"
"Healing Gong" (Stage III)

Welcome! It's important that you are well!
The price is agreeable
A Sheng Zhen Class with Master Li Jun Feng
Here's with Master Li Jun Feng at Teacher Training in Norway, 2010
Other Links

International Sheng Zhen Society

International Sheng Zhen Society Stockholm
To learn more about about the legendary Master Li Jun Feng and his daughter Li Jing, click directly on the pictures

Personal service, information and order of Aloe Vera products!
Call +46 70 277 21 90 or
email aloevera_hos_svetlana@hotmail.se
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Nutritional Supplements and Skin Care
No supplements can ever compensate for bad diet and negligence of your body demands but some of them can add to the wellbeing of your body and make you feel better and stronger.
ASEA is a perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling Molecules that are vital the cells of the body. ASEA activates the body's own native ability to empower the immune system and enhance health. For athletes, this groundbreaking product dramatically improves performance, endurance, and recovery.
For information and placing of an order,
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Forever Living Aloe Vera Products
Your Coach Lana
Life Coaching

Much stress? At home? At work?

Make a significant change in your life.

Realistic goals and action steps.

Your personal growth.

Create and live the life you want!

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"Sometimes we receive the power

to say yes to life and ourselves.

The peace enters us and makes us


                 Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life Coaching is not psychotherapy and not advice-giving consultation. We work with the present and look into the future. As a life coach I support and help you to look at your situation from a different point of view, make a forward motion, find, set and reach your goals in different spheres of your life.
Booking and information per email Yourcoachlana@gmail.com

Find out if coaching is right for you and if I'm the right coach for you.
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This unique gel is non-reactive and can be combines with any skin types to produce phenomenal results within short time.
ASEA'a RENU 28 has been clinicall tested by Dermatest and given 5-Star Clinically Test Seal.
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RENU 28 is an antiaging topical gel that encourages the strength and resiliency of your skin cell reproduction.

Behind Renu 28 lies Redox Signaling Science and Technology that promotes the cellular healing mechanisms of your body and skin giving extraordinary results.
New powerful ASEA products
health-and-beauty package  RenuAdvanced!!!
Information will be added
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